In Hvalfjörður we are lucky to be surrounded by multiple magnificent hiking trails of all levels. Our favourite being Glymur waterfall. 

Glymur was once deemed the ‘tallest waterfall in Iceland’,

but had to hand over its title after the discovery of a new

waterfall at the edge of Morsárjökull. That being said, Glymur is

still really tall and really impressive. This hike is considered

to be one of the most beautiful in Iceland. You cross a stream on

a log, walk through a cave and make your way across the waterfall’s river barefooted. The scenery will soften the

straining feeling and make it majorly worth it. Not to mention how

beautiful it is to look at the waterfall once you’re up. Coming

down from Glymur should take around 1 to 1.5 hours.



Here are few more hikes that we highly recommend:

     Fossdalur, 2 - 3 km.

     Blikadalur, 2 km.

     Síldarmannagotur, 14 km.

     Leggjabrjótur, 15 km.

     Botnssúlur, 16 km.