about us

Hvammur Farm is a unique natural gem consisting of a 1200 acre private gated estate with its own Geothermal Hotspring on the edge of the ocean. Hvammur is situated in the middle of Hvalfjörður "Whale Fjord"  the historic and remote fjord yet only a 40 minute drive from Reykjavik and close to many of Icelands biggest natural attractions, such as The Golden Circle, Glymur, Thingvellir, Esjan and many more. Hvammur Farm offers complete privacy in the dramatic Icelandic countryside while still being easily accessible all year round from Reykjavik. Sitting on the hillside of the estate, Hvammur Farm features three private luxury lodges/houses all surrounded by the ocean, black beaches and mountains.  Each lodge has been modernised while still keeping its original authentic charm that fits into the dramatic and unique landscape all around. Hvammur is a historical landmark that was first discovered by the Vikings 1000 years ago as is recorded in Landnáma, the Icelandic book of settlers dating back to the 11th century.  No wonder they choose Hvammur given its

incredible landscape, natural harbour, geothermal hot spring and wildlife.  The Vikings are not the only ones who fell for the natural beauty of Hvammur.  Several scenes in Game of Thrones where also shot on the property highlighting the incredible landscape all around the Fjord. During World War II Hvammur Farm was taken over by the allied forces as their Naval Headquarters in Iceland.  At its peak there where almost 40.000 soldiers in Whale Fjord and over 200 ships. During the War Hvammur was code named "Falcon Crest" and "Falcon Beach" in order not to reveal its true location hence the name of one of our Lodges. When Churchill came to Iceland on August 16th 1941 he is said to have met with F.D Roosevelt Junior in the Lodge on the top of the hill which at the time was the Naval Communication center for all the ships in Whale Fjord. Along with Icelandic tradition Hvammur Farm has its share of Trolls and Elf stories.  Many whom are said to be residing in famous rocks and the hillsides of the property.  One of the best know Elf "castle" in Iceland is "Steðji" or Staupasteinn.  There is also said to be an Elf Church and Elf Queen residing in the hill side right next to the Lodges so don't be

surprised if you witness outer worldly creatures of all sizes at dawn.